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Acceptable options for SSDI medical evidence

On Behalf of | Mar 31, 2023 | SSDI

The Social Security Administration requires proof of disability and limitations when filing a disability claim. This medical evidence can take many forms.

Any treating hospitals or physicians will receive a records request from the SSA, and there are several options concerning acceptable medical treatment providers and medical evidence.

Acceptable treatment providers

Doctors treating your injuries provide information about your condition, and the SSA values this input alongside medical records. Doctors have an in-depth understanding of the injury and its impact on your life, and submission of this information straight to SSA could enable a claim to move more quickly through the approval process. There is a specific medical assessment form the providers must use for the SSA to accept the application.

Acceptable evidence options

Any hospital that took part in your treatment will also need to submit information about your situation. Medical records to submit to the SSA include:

  • Complete medical history with problems and diagnoses
  • Laboratory and imaging findings
  • Results of exams
  • Diagnosis, treatment, response and prognosis for the disabling conditions
  • Statement from your treating provider on limitations and abilities both mentally and physically

Required test results vary according to the condition, but the SSA has a complete list of requirements. You should also submit evidence that deals with your limitations, such as fatigue or pain that affects your functioning. Other evidence could include statements from social workers, therapists or alternative providers.

You can improve your claim’s legitimacy with the support you provide for your condition. Be sure to keep your physicians in the loop during treatment to ensure adequate documentation.