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Evidence that is required for a Social Security Disability claim

On Behalf of | Jan 25, 2021 | SSDI

If your Georgia application for Social Security Disability benefits has been denied, you may have opted to appeal the decision. While waiting for hearing, you should focus on gathering the evidence to support your claim. It can be overwhelming and even difficult to obtain the information needed for your case, but below is a general idea of what you should gather in preparation for your hearing.

Medical evidence to support your diagnosis

Medical evidence is the foundation of your case. This evidence must come from licensed health care workers practicing within their capacity permitted by state and federal laws. You will need to submit the most recent medical evidence along with the original evidence of your inability to work.

Some acceptable medical evidence of your condition includes:

  • Detailed medical history or chart
  • Notes or statements from your treating medical doctor
  • Lab or imaging results
  • Prior and continuing treatment plans
  • Diagnosis

After proving a disability exists

Once the Social Security Administration has found that a disability or impairment exists, it must then determine the severity of this disability and whether it affects your ability to work. Evidence to support this can include non-medical sources, such as your statements of what medications you are taking, the symptoms you have, the duration of the impairment, and triggers that aggravate the condition. If you are not certain of how to obtain this information, consulting an SSD attorney can be advisable. Other non-medical sources the SSA can use include interviews with your friends, family members, employer, caregivers and neighbors.

Seeking help in difficult times

Dealing with the symptoms of your condition can be trying in itself. You don’t have to take on the stress of dealing with your application by yourself. An attorney who has experience with these matters may be able to provide further guidance and assistance.