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Tips to help make a Social Security hearing request

On Behalf of | Jul 4, 2023 | SSDI

If you need Social Security disability benefits, do not give up hope if Social Security denies your application. The good news is that Social Security allows applicants to appeal unfavorable decisions by submitting a request for a hearing.

Through a hearing overseen by an administrative law judge, a reversal of a denial is possible. However, you should make sure nothing derails your hearing request. The Social Security website explains what to be aware of as you proceed.

Provide relevant evidence

Your request could suffer a delay if you fail to submit all the evidence that pertains to your request. Given that hearings can involve many different issues, you should also make sure that your evidence supports the case you wish to make. For instance, if you are trying to prove you have a disability, you should have medical evidence that shows how your condition affects your ability to work.

Be ready to answer questions

Social Security might contact you with questions. In some cases, Social Security needs more information or paperwork before it can set a hearing date. You might also have to decide on the format of your hearing since Social Security conducts hearings in-person, online or over the phone.

Keep contact information current

The hearing process can last for a while, long enough that some applicants move while their request is in progress. Be sure that Social Security has your most current contact information so you can receive questions about your request and any formal notification of when your hearing will take place.

Social Security disability cases can widely differ. Pay close attention to any specific circumstances that could affect your request.