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Step-By-Step Guidance To SSDI Hearings

If your initial application for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits was denied, this does not have to be the final word. You can request a hearing to make your case before an administrative law judge (ALJ). Having a lawyer in your corner to help guide you through the SSDI hearing process is crucial to put you in the best position to receive the benefits you deserve.

I am Trevor A. Brown, Attorney at Law, and I have been helping people throughout northwest Georgia with SSDI claims for more than a decade. I can help prepare you and your case for a hearing, and I will fight to make a strong claim for why you should receive SSDI benefits.

What To Expect At Your Hearing

An SSDI hearing is less formal than other legal proceedings. However, there are still legal protocols that must be followed. That is why legal counsel is essential to help you effectively make your case. At the hearing, you can provide testimony regarding your condition and why you need SSDI assistance. Your attorney can help you in answering questions posed by the judge. Witnesses, such as a doctor or a vocational expert, can also be called to provide testimony. You may also submit additional evidence regarding your condition. This evidence should be submitted within 10 days of your hearing request, although you may request an extension if you miss this deadline.

Once the hearing is over, the judge will make a decision. The decision is not made quickly. Sometimes, it may take months to receive a decision. If the judge decides to deny your claim, there is still hope. You may appeal this decision.

Contact Me To Learn More About The SSDI Hearings Process

If your initial application for SSDI benefits has been denied, we can move on to stating your case in a hearing. I can inform you of all of your legal options so you can make the best decision about how to proceed with your claim. To learn more about this process, call my law office in Dalton at 706-847-4646 or toll-free at 800-610-9637. You may also contact me online.